President’s word

At the end of 2019, a new strain of corona virus appeared. Covid-19 will be the cause of a global epidemic which caused the death of millions people and the shutdown of tens of thousands of companies in all sectors except those working in the agri-food industry.

People actually have to eat to stay alive as well.

In this regard, the Kingdom of Morocco has sent food aid to several countries in need on our continent in Africa and in the Middle East.

Better development of our Agri-Food Industry will allow the Morocco to help more countries in need and of course to trade with the whole world.

Morocco’s production potential is undeniable, the human potential is indisputable.

The question of product quality has long been raised following the application of double standards to which exported products and products intended for the local market were entitled.

Morocco set in place regulations that put an end to that anomaly in 2010. It is law 28-07 on Food Safety.

The supervisory bodies ensure its application, but cannot support companies in their upgrading or their evolution towards greater industrialization.

This is, as everywhere in the world, the responsibility of the private sector.

I bet on quality in the 1990s and I am proud to have set up the first entirely Moroccan firm to support companies in our country that wish to do so in this industrial upgrade.

Whether it is training, technical solutions (Process Authority), analyses, Certifications and others, the range of services of “Essadki Expertise Cabinet” is intended to be broad to effectively assist those who wish to build a Morocco that values its wealth, which focuses on quality food products to sell more within  Zlecaf (African Continental Free Trade Zone).

Dr. Ahmed Essadki,

National Judicial Expert in industrial chemistry and SSA

Skilled in industrial food processing processes