Food / cosmetic / container certification

We certify the manufacturing processes for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Our certificates, signed by our expert approved by the courts of the Kingdom, are legally admissible by all Moroccan state authorities.

Concerning exports, our expert, familiar with compliance rules on the US market, can help interested operators to better succeed in their exports to American market and other FDA-compliant international markets :

Key certifications :

• HACCP/HARPC : Intended for all agroindustrialists and service providers in Hospitality/Catering sector to improve quality while complying with the law.

• Self-control : This certification, in which we are a leader in Morocco, is a requirement of the new regulations in force in the Kingdom (law 28-07 of Food Safety and texts taken for its application) for all operators in the national agri-food chain.

• ISO 22000 : Intended primarily for professionals in the agri-food sector wishing to develop their export activities on foreign markets.

• ORGANIC/ECO : This certification is intended to support all SMEs and national cooperatives wishing to export their own products and local products to European and North American markets.

• HALAL : Certification according to Muslim religious laws, intended to give interested national companies a larger share of this sector which is growing at a very rapid pace on international scale.

The certification you are looking for does not appear on this list ? Contact us !